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Ithaca, New York

Ithaca, a city in upstate New York, has many locations to explore, and some of the best things to do include visiting Cornell University, enjoying the natural beauty of the Finger Lakes Region, and exploring the artsy downtown area. With so much going on in this city-but so little time!

Ithaca is art, Ithaca is cuisine, Ithaca is festivals, as an increasing number of offshoot slogans will tell you. Ithaca, located on the southern shores of Lake Cayuga in New York, has a hip feel and an entertainment and dining scene to rival many bigger cities. In Ithaca, the visitors will never run out of the best hotels Ithaca, restaurants, and a lot of things to do!


It's a wonderful statistic of Ithaca that suggests a variety of neighborhood eateries and reveals a key aspect of the Ithacan culture: a love of food. There are restaurants to enjoy whether you're looking for upscale dining or traditional American bar & grill fare. Have a taste for exploration! There are a huge variety of eateries in Ithaca, including Mediterranean, Ethiopian, and Asian influences. Additionally, you'll see inventive bartenders creating specialty drinks with regional tastes. You'll need to come back multiple times because of the tremendous array of food alternatives available here!


The Best Dining In Ithaca

You don't need to travel anywhere exotic when you have these restaurants in Ithaca, NY:

  • Ithaca's 401 E State St. Angelhearts.
  • la Tourelle.
  • Coal Yard Cafe
  • Waffle Frolic
  • Creative Vegan/Vegetarian Meal Choices
  • Moosewood
  • Northstar House.
  • Thai Basil.
  • Restaurant Hawi Ethiopian.


Recent winners of the Ithaca Times' Best Of Ithaca

The restaurants below are the recent winners of Ithaca Times' Best of Ithaca! Make sure to check them out, they are sure to keep you drooling over them!

  • Breakfast to die for: Dolce Delight
  • Franco's Pizza is the best!
  • Silo, the best restaurant truck
  • Luna, the best comfort food
  • Ithaca Beer Co. offers the best outside dining.


Hotels In Ithaca

Ithaca, the biggest town in the Finger Lakes region, is a well-liked Upstate New York getaway for couples or families looking to enjoy the finest of nature. A limited number of excellent hotels in Ithaca NY, including secluded cottages for families and romantic inns, are located around the southern end of Cayuga Lake. Some best hotels are as under:


Argos Inn - Ithaca's Boutique Hotel

408 E State Street, Ithaca, United States

rates from $ 184.0

This Ithaca luxury hotel Ithaca NY is a favorite choice for couples, it has one of the best collections of 20th-century artworks in the area, featuring original works by well-known artists like Joan Miró and Salvador Dal. From the inside out, this hotel itself is a work of beauty that has undergone thorough restoration by regional artists. Richly velvety chambers are decorated with velvet draperies, vintage wallpaper, and French antiques. To keep your toes warm in the winter, choose a room with heated stone slab floors!


Gothic Eves Inn and Spa

112 East Main Street, Trumansburg, United States

rates from $ 97.7

Gothic Eve Boats Inn provides all you need for a romantic retreat if you need one. The opulent wine-themed rooms each have their distinctive design elements, such as the Syrah Suite's cathedral ceiling and Alice in Wonderland mirror or the Riesling Suite's slate walls and moonlight effect. Before relaxing in a private Jacuzzi tub or, in warmer months, snuggling in a garden hammock created for two, enjoy a hot-stone massage for two!


La Tourelle Hotel & Spa

1150 Danby Rd, Ithaca, United States

rates from $ 179.0

This well-known, family-run hotel in Ithaca is a great place to stay if you are looking for outdoor adventurers! Since Buttermilk Falls State Park is nearby, keen hikers may find the beginning of some of the region's most picturesque canyon trails just outside their door. After your climb, recover in the hotel's August Moon Spa, which features plants from its gardens, before dining at La Tourelle, where the cuisine is determined by seasonal and local products!


Ithaca, New York: What To Do

Ithaca, the main city in the Finger Lakes area of New York, is a charming, exciting destination with a lot of stuff going for it. Ithaca College and Ivy League Cornell University are located there, and the area is renowned for having over 150 waterfalls and innumerable tunnels that mark its picturesque surroundings. The area is situated in a gorgeous spot near the southern edge of Cayuga Lake. Some enjoyable things to do in Ithaca are as under:


Park Robert Treman State

Robert Treman State Park, located a short distance away from Buttermilk Falls, is another picture-perfect site for you to discover. It not only is one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the state, but it also provides a plethora of outdoor activities with vistas, breathtaking scenery, and waterfalls everywhere you go!


The trail to Cascadilla Gorge

You may also visit the stunning Cascadilla Gorge, which runs between Downtown Ithaca and the Cornell University campus and is another picturesque location. It draws both residents and visitors due to its breathtaking scenery, and a great walk leads you right next to its endearing brook.


College of Botany Gardens

The lovely Cornell Botanic Gardens is a well-liked and scenic destination to visit and it is situated close to the university's main campus. Its picturesque routes lead you past everything from waterfalls and woodlands to meadows, gorges, and bogs. It is home to a multitude of kinds of plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs.


Johnson Art Museum

The magnificent Johnson Museum of Art, which has a sizable collection of spectacular works of art, is located just five minutes' drive northeast of the city. The amazing structure with its distinctive style and concrete facade was created by famous architect I.M. Pei and can be located next to the Arts Quad on the main Cornell University campus.



The Ithaca Falls

Although there are more than 150 waterfalls in the city and its vicinity, Ithaca Falls is perhaps the most impressive. Its snow-white waters and jagged rock face may be located along Fall Creek, close to the campus of Cornell University, and are now preserved as a unit of a park.


Farmers' Market in Ithaca

If fresh food and vegetables are what you're wanting rather than the great outdoors, you should check out the fantastic Ithaca Farmers' Market. Its innumerable kiosks and stalls are situated at Steamboat Landing, along the shores of Cayuga Lake, and make for a really enjoyable and welcoming area to visit.


Park near Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls State Park, located about fifteen minutes' drive northwest of the city center, is home to several breathtaking vistas, sceneries, and natural features. Along with having the tallest single-drop waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains in the United States, this place also offers visitors a ton of exciting outdoor activities and beautiful natural settings.


Central Ithaca

Downtown Ithaca is a vibrant and historic neighborhood located in the center of the city and is the primary location for dining, shopping, and nightlife. With a focus on the commons, there are a ton of exciting things for you to see and do there, along with activities, entertainment, and events.


Casey Lake

The picturesque Cayuga Lake, the second-largest and longest of the Finger Lakes, and its calm shoreline provide the ideal setting for a variety of entertaining outdoor activities. Ithaca is located at the southernmost point of the lake, making it simple to reach the city's breathtaking beauty and beautiful vistas.


Cornell College

Cornell University is one of the most esteemed colleges in the nation and the entire world, and its campuses take up a significant portion of the city. The Ivy League institution, which is located on a hill above Ithaca, offers beautiful grounds for you to explore and amazing quads, landmarks, and historic buildings wherever you turn.


State Park near Buttermilk Falls

Just 10 minutes drive southwest of the city center is the picturesque Buttermilk Falls State Park, which offers a wide range of fantastic outdoor activities. It features a total of 10 waterfalls, a ton of great hiking paths, playing fields, a playground, and a campground all tucked away in its beautiful valleys and woodlands.


Ornithology Cornell Lab

The intriguing and well-known Cornell Lab of Ornithology is tucked away on the town's northeastern outskirts. The cutting-edge center, which is well-known across the world for its significant research, welcomes guests with engaging and instructive displays, artwork, and outdoor activities.

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