10 Fun And Thrilling Things to Do In Orlando (Besides Walt Disney World)

By Amelia Gibson, Posted on 01 Sep, 2022 at 11:02 am

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10 Fun And Thrilling Things to Do In Orlando (Besides Walt Disney World)

Roller coasters are enjoyable (believe us, we understand it), but Orlando's top off-the-beaten-path attractions go beyond crowded lineups and sugary churros. Ask a local what their favorite thrills are in the city, and they'll probably give you a list of activities far from the theme parks and tourist areas!

We all know, that Walt Disney World is the most popular theme park and tourist destination in the world, but that doesn't mean you can't have a great time without it! However, what could be better than staying close to these top attractions, saving your time from transportation and adding to the enjoyment? We would recommend you stay at Harbour Lake Marriott, situated close to the top attractions!

Take a peek at the top 10 fun and thrilling things to enjoy in Orlando!


  1. Winter Park

Many restaurants and stores can be found along the main downtown street in the historic area of Winter Park. Winter Park is home to some of Orlando's top eateries, including Prato and The Ravenous Pig. As long as the erratic Florida weather cooperates, the charming neighborhood holds a sizable Farmers Market every weekend. Consider taking the Winter Park Scenic Boat Trip after exploring the city's center. The tour takes visitors on an hour-long tour of the region's several lakes while the knowledgeable captain tells engaging tales about Winter Park.


  1. Kennedy Space Center

NASA's Florida headquarters are in Cape Canaveral's Kennedy Space Center, about an hour from Orlando. Families can spend a day there learning about the American space program's past, present, and future. Take the bus tour while visiting Kennedy Space Center; you'll see the launch pad and an actual rocket. Visit the Astronauts NASA Hall of Fame and the Shuttle Atlantis display before departing.


  1. The Wheel at Icon Park

The massive observation wheel that soars over the trees in ICON Park may be viewed from I-4, the highway that runs through the center of Orlando. The 400-foot-tall ICON Park Wheel rises over the city and offers views of the downtown cityscape, fireworks displays, and other sights. Florida residents receive lower prices on tickets to enjoy The Wheel, and free parking is available nearby!


  1. Sea Life Orlando Aquarium

Visit the Sea Life Orlando Aquarium if you've ever wanted to feed a school of fish at once or walk through a watery tunnel. There are 250 different species of animals living in the welcoming area for families. In nine exhibits, visitors can interact closely with some of the animals that live at the aquarium, such as seahorses, turtles, sharks, rays, and more. In advance, you can reserve your tickets and entry time for the day online.


  1. Orlando Science Center

Consider visiting the Science Center of Orlando, near Marriott Harbor Lake, if you're visiting Orlando with science-inclined. Four floors of interactive exhibitions and practical demonstrations make up the interactive museum. The NatureWorks display, where guests may engage with real animals endemic to Florida's distinctive ecology, is one must-see attraction.


  1. Gatorland

This 110-acre park has been in operation for many years. Everything from birds and wild cats to alligators and crocodiles can be seen here. There are 130 gators below, but you'll be securely high above them if you zipline across a few displays to observe them from the air before gliding over the alligator breeding swamp for a true thrill. With the assistance of your knowledgeable guide, you can also take a tour of the breeding marsh, where you may get close to alligators and start a feeding frenzy.


  1. Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures

Did you know the fact that Orlando is a place where the Florida Everglades' headwaters originate? Orlando's unique location inside the state allows you to take airboat rides through the swamp for 30 or 60 minutes, in addition to seeing theme parks constructed from swampland. Each cruise is accompanied by an experienced captain who can point out anything from birds to alligators.


  1. The Amway Center

The Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association plays its home games at the arena-style Amway Center, which hosts numerous other performances throughout the year. If you're in Orlando, think about making an evening of it by going to the Magic Center to see a concert or a basketball game. After that, some of downtown Orlando's best sides and nightlife areas are only a short drive away.


  1. Orlando City Soccer Game

The Orlando City Soccer Club plays its home matches in a sizable outdoor stadium past the Amway Center. The team, the 21st in Major League Soccer, has been steadily gaining a sizable fan following in Orlando. Since matches occur from April to November, there is plenty of time to don the team's distinctive colors (purple and gold) and support the game. Choose games in April, May, October, or November for the most fantastic weather and the best experience (expect cooler temperatures with less chance of rain).


  1. Madame Tussauds Orlando

The lifelike wax replicas of celebrities that Madame Tussauds produces are renowned worldwide. There are many notable sportsmen and movie stars in Orlando, as well as Walt Disney and The Justice League personalities. The museum also offers a variety of backdrops that are ideal for photos, allowing you to go close to specific wax figures and take the perfect selfie.


In a Nutshell:

When visiting Orlando, many visitors immediately go to Disney or Universal. Orlando, however, provides much more than simply theme parks due to the city's size of over 100 square miles and other nearby communities and small villages. The Greater Orlando area is primarily a suburban community with some lodging and entertainment options close to the tourist hotspots. Since the best locations are dispersed throughout the city, you should consider staying at Marriott Harbour Lake, which is close to many attractions and offers a relaxing stay that makes you feel at home!

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