Willis Tower: The Chicago Skyline from Bottom To Top

By Emma Burne, Posted on 02 Sep, 2022 at 01:16 am

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View from Willis Tower

The city of Chicago is one of the bigger American cities and one of the ones with the most vibrant commercial scenes. The Chicago skyline is among the highest structures in the world, among a host of other sights and activities. Four of America's tallest structures, including the Willis Tower, Trump International Hotel, Tower, Aon Center, and John Hancock Center, make up the skyline on the shores of Michigan Lake. The Willis Tower was the highest of them all and held the title of the world's tallest skyscraper for a considerable amount of time, from 1978 to 1998. Take a day off from your busy schedule if you're visiting the city to see Chicago's stunning skyline. Catch a peek of four neighboring states as well as the city from its renowned Sky deck on a clear day. You did read that correctly. On a clear day, the Sky deck observatory of the Tower allows you to look into the states of Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Do you recall your first time peering out an aircraft window? Even more wonderful is the view! The Ledge offers a direct view of the ground below.

At this tallest observation deck in the United States, you may also eat, perform yoga, or even amuse the kids in the play area. There are many locations to stay when visiting Chicago, such as the Hi Chicago Hostel, which offers the greatest amenities and services. Keep on reading to know why Willis tower is a must-visit attraction in Chicago!


The Willis Tower's history

When Sears Roebuck & Company decided to construct a central office for its 350,000 employees, the idea for this skyscraper first emerged. The tower was designed by the architectural firm Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, and work on it started in 1070. By 1973, a tower was built in three years. The Sky deck became formally accessible to the public in 2000. After the building's antennae were erected, it was the highest structure in the world for approximately 20 years. After leasing the tower's naming rights to the Willis Group Holdings firm in 2009, the skyscraper underwent a renaming.


Experience the Sky deck at Willis Tower

Experience the Sky deck at Willis Tower

The Sky deck, an observatory deck on the 103rd level of this famous 110-story structure, gives a breathtaking view of the surrounding surroundings for up to 50 miles in all directions. For a view of the city from 1353 feet above the streets of Chicago, the glass deck is known as the "Ledge." From the Ledge, take in the magnificent sunset vista. A unique viewpoint. The Willis Tower provides a ton of entertainment and knowledge about Chicago's history in general. Numerous touch screen exhibitions and interactive games like trivia are available in the elevators, lobbies, and Sky deck. These games and exhibits provide information about the city, its landmarks, and even a comparison of famous skyscrapers from across the world. This Willis tower is just 0.7 miles away from HI Chicago Hostel so if you will stay here you will reach the sky deck on time and there will be a minimum transportation cost.


Be amazed by the ceiling-to-floor windows

As soon as you enter the Sky deck, you will be astounded by the full wall windows that allow you to see the city in all its splendor from a height of 1353 feet. From here, catching sight of the sun setting will be a memorable experience. On a clear day, you can usually view the states of Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin from this observation deck in addition to the best parts of Chicago. Don't forget to carry some spare cash. Modern telescopes are accessible on the deck so you can have a closer look at your favorite area!


Landmarks to be seen from any angle!

See and name a few notable locations that are located in each direction from the observatory, Sky deck. What should you watch out for in each direction then? The following is a brief list of the sights you may see from the top:


Sights to Enjoy in the South:

The Field Museum, Soldier Field, and Museum of Science and Industry buildings can all be seen from so far above You will see the smokestacks in the Lake Michigan corner, it's Gary, Indiana.


Sights to Enjoy in the East:                 

Lake Michigan is the star in this direction, to use a local example. Take in the stunning vista of this lake's contours. You can even see the Shore of Michigan Lake from across the lake if you're fortunate and decide to visit the deck on a crystal-clear day. That is a considerable distance! Also, see the Millennium Park from above, the Alder Planetarium, the Grant Parks, and the Shed Aquarium.


Sights to Enjoy in the West:

Have you ever fantasized about seeing aviation up close? Well, you can from the Sky deck. The aviation traffic from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport can be seen in the west, and it does not look like they are that far away. Along with the well-known United Center, other notable locations include Greek town, Little Italy, and Oprah's Harpo Studios Building. The sunset, what about it? Ah, yes, that too. When you visit the deck at the correct time, so you can enjoy the breathtaking sunset.


In a Nutshell:

When you visit Chicago you need a place to stay, which is situated close to the top attractions. We would recommend you to opt for HI Chicago, which is conveniently situated close to the city's top sights like Willis tower and adjacent to public transit.

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