PRIVACY POLICY is committed to maintaining the privacy of the personal information that our customers provide to us. We completely understand the concerns of our customers regarding their online purchase transactions.  We make use of your personal data ONLY to improve and provide you with the services.

We recommend you to take a view of our privacy policy in order to learn how we ensure that your personal information is secure with us.

Information Collection

The information that you put on our website is stored as well as collected as secure data. You are asked the following types of personal questions, i.e., your email and postal addresses, your name, your contact number, etc., in order to identify you. Such details, which are sensitive like payment details, including the number of your credit or debit card, are not included. You may also be asked regarding different information, depending upon the service or the product you choose, for instance, the requirements of the accommodation, tour ticketing, requests for meals, etc.

The customers are also provided with the right of not providing us with certain information regarding him/her.

Customer Information Collection

Data Collection Automatically

If you are booking on behalf of someone, then will ask you to provide us with all the required information, for instance, the information associated with personal, accommodation, and travel. If any changes are needed, then these will only be made with the account of the person for whom the booking is being made.

Upon your browsing through, certain information will be collected automatically regarding your devices, for instance, your viewed accommodation, the software of your browser, your purchases packages, IP address, etc. However, this information is collected only with the purpose of improving the customer experience.


Information Collection from Partners/Third-Party

We provide employment to business services providers as well as third-party sources in order to perform particular functions. They might have access to such data, which is identifiable and needed to perform operations. Apart from that, they are imposed with a limitation of not disclosing the data or using it for any other purpose—the information included in your account, like your updated addresses and contacts. The collection of information is done to ensure that your updates are current and accurate, which helps us in the facilitation of customers according to their choices.

Cookies Acceptance

Third-Party Companies

Cookies are small identifier text files; these are utilized for customers in order to improve their experience and help them to move quickly through our site. Upon your sign in to our website, the cookies are passed to your computer, which is then stored temporarily in the memory of your computer. However, if you don't wish to accept any cookies, then you can simply change your browser settings “not to accept any cookies.”

Those third-party companies which are found serving ads on the internet may make use of certain web technologies as well as cookies for enabling the customers to see ads that match their interests. has no control over the cookies or the features which are utilized by these companies, and apart from that, the applications that these third-party companies use are not included in our privacy policy. Customers have the right to refuse the collection of their data by these third-party companies.


Your Information Security

Your information security is crucial for us. The information collected when you purchase any travel booking service is stored in limited-access servers. Apart from that, we make use of a higher-grade encryption system in order to transmit data via such channels, which are safe. The payments made are also treated via a higher grade encryption system or 128-bit Secure Socket Layer; therefore, such information which is sensitive, including expiry date, the number of your credit card, CVC, are not saved or stored. Nevertheless, in spite of all these measures of protection, can't take any guarantee that any unofficial introduction of your data will never happen. Any action, which is not caused by's oversight will not hold us responsible. However, in case if any security mistake is made from our end, then the customers have the right to ask us for improvements.

How Your Information Is Used By Us:

Your information is utilized and retained for the reasons below:

  • To complete product purchase and booking transactions.
  • To provide the customers with modifications updates and booking confirmations.
  • To update the account of the customer and maintain it, including the billing, communication, and notifications, etc.
  • To respond to the comments and queries of the customers.
  • To opt for resolving collection issues as well as disputes.
  • To carry out rewards and recognition programs.
  • To opt for the prevention of any illegal activities.
  • To notify the customers regarding exclusive deals and discounts.
  • To carry out surveys. also makes use of customers' information to carry out such activities, which can bring improvement of our site usage.

How Your Information is shared may opt for the employment of third-parties companies to provide services on our behalf, and for that, the information of customers and details of bookings might be shared with them. However, we do not share your email addresses with these third-party companies unless it is needed to fill the form to reserve. With the exposure or utilization of any other information, we do not have any control over these third-party companies, and for that, we would recommend our customers go through the privacy policies of these companies. These suppliers might also contact privately if any more information is needed.

  • Customers' information, which includes the processing of credit card payments, fraud prevention, and customer services, may be provided to the third-party companies, who would be making the provision of their services on our behalf. Apart from that, we also put a restriction on them for making use or sharing any of your personal information with anyone else.
  • If needed, then your information will be shared to respond to orders for any legal methods. has all the rights to defend against any claims or legal objections produced.
  • If it is required, then your information would be utilized for the investigation of any illegal activity.
  • The information of the customers may also be shared in conjunction with a corporate transaction, for instance, consolidation, merger, asset sale, or bankruptcy.
  • To produce useful content, we might also share or aggregate information anonymously with third-party companies, but it will not include any personal information of our customers.

Information Assessment

The users of can have a view of their personal information, and if they find any information incorrect, then they can come in contact with us for correction.

If our customers are not satisfied with the provision of any information, then they can do so, but it will prevent them from making use of certain offers and features.

If the customer doesn't wish to accept a cookie file from, then he/she can disable cookies from the browser. It is important to note that if the customer refuses to accept cookies, then he/she might experience some restrictions in experiencing our site and certain features.

Kids’ Policy

Third-Party Websites

We do not address our services to anyone who is below the age of 13. Apart from that, we do not intentionally store information from anyone is below 13 years of age. If someone who is below 13 year of age wishes to use our website, services, or products, then we require their parent/guardian permission.


If you are being redirected to any other site by, then please take a note that we do not have any control over such links, which are of third parties; therefore, we recommend our customers to opt for reviewing the Privacy Policy of each site that they visit.



Amendments to Privacy Policy may bring amendments to the Privacy Policy. We will be informing our customers if any changes or updates are made on our Privacy Policy page. Therefore, we recommend our customers review the Privacy Policy if any changes or updates are made.