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7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Times Square

By Emma Burne, Posted on 20 Aug, 2022 at 06:20 am

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New York Times Square

Times Square is a very famous and interesting area in New York City, which is apparently of the top 10 most visited destinations in the world. It's said that Times Square also has more than 45 million visitors each year. However, if you wish to stay in Times Square, we recommend you book Pod Hotel Times Square for your stay!  Given this information, we decided to explore some of the things you probably didn't know about this familiar area.


Here are 7 amazing things you probably didn't know about Times Square!


This Place Is Not Always Known as Times Square

Longacre Square is the initial name that was given to the area, which was seen as being so minor that in 1904 it was simply a local station on the first subway system. The forward-thinking New York Times erected a new headquarters there as the business grew in the early 20th century; the area was renamed Times Square; and by 1920, new express subway stations had been constructed and opened. The Grand Central shuttle now terminates in Times Square, which was the original local stop.


A Ball Drop Has Been Part of The Nye Festival For More Than A Century.

Records show that since The New York Times developed, New Yorkers always rang in the New Year at Times Square.  The custom of dropping the ball began in 1907 when a wooden and iron globe embellished with 100 lights was brought down from a flagpole. Times Square Ball currently weighs more than six tons and boasts 32,256 LED lights.


The Knickerbocker and The 42nd Street Metro Station Used To Be Joined.

There used to be a stairway connecting the Knickerbocker Hotel's lower-level bars and eateries to the subway. Besides Platform 1, from which you may go on the shuttle that connects Grand Central Station and Times Square, there are still traces of this passageway. Unfortunately, there is no longer a means to enter the Knickerbocker through this entryway, however, you can still see the plaque that marks the location of the entrance above the white door that is locked.     


It Can Be Seen from Space

The term "Great White Way" was not chosen at random. A confusing variety of brightly illuminated advertisements can be seen around Times Square; in fact, the area is so well-lit at night that astronauts on the International Space Station can easily see it from space. There isn't much of a requirement for show lighting in the structures. After all, the community has a name to uphold.


There is Art Everywhere

As you enter Times Square, hidden works of art are all around you. Visitors could hear a strange "hum" around the intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue along 45th and 46th streets, but you have to pay attention to hear it over the noise of passersby and passing vendors.  If you're at Times square just before midnight, you could catch a synchronized art display on the nearby billboards. Monthly updates are made to the Midnight Moment digital displays.


Up Until 2009, Cars Used This Area for Passage

In May 2009, Broadway across 47th and 42nd Street was closed to traffic to lessen congestion in the area. What happened? This Broadway Plaza is a part of this region, which sees roughly 400,000 visitors each day. In the 10 years that followed, additional pedestrian plazas, including Union Square, were inspired to emerge.


One Times Square is virtually empty.

Notwithstanding being one of the most expensive real estate buildings in the country and the illustrious tower that gave Times Square its name, the building now only houses the organization's offices on the ground floor and the iconic New Year's Eve Ball. Its front advertisements provide enough revenue to keep it empty!


A pro Tip!

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