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Captiva Beach Resort Siesta Key
9.0 Superb 624 reviews
from $ 218 View Deal
Siesta Key Beach Side Villas
8.4 Very good 381 reviews

Siesta Key Beachside Villas

Pets Friendly Hotel

from $ 212 View Deal
Twin Palms At Siesta
9.4 Superb 222 reviews

Twin Palms at Siesta

Free Parking

from $ 229 View Deal
Siesta Key Island House
6.9 Pleasant 199 reviews
from $ 116 View Deal
Siesta Key Beach - Bari 665 #2
7.0 Good 197 reviews
from $ 152 View Deal
Island House Beach Resort 10N apts
5.1 Fabulous 196 reviews
from $ 65 View Deal
Upper Deck Marvel Avengers Infinity War Hobby Box
8.1 Very good 196 reviews

The Upper Deck

Pets Friendly Hotel

from $ 101 View Deal

2 Stars and Below

Mulberry Cottage
7.3 Good 191 reviews
Siesta Palooza
5.5 Fabulous 191 reviews
Palm Bay Gulf Side
4.1 Average 190 reviews

3 Stars Hotels

Point Break 2015
9.6 Superb 189 reviews
Riu Palace Aruba
7.8 Good 183 reviews

4 Stars and Above

Siesta Avenida Townhome 5208
10.0 Superb 135 reviews
5210 Avenida De Cortez Sarasota Florida
8.4 Very good 134 reviews

Welcome to Siesta Key (FL)!

Siesta Key is located in the Gulf of Mexico and is well-known for its amazing beaches. The most popular beach on the island is Siesta Beach, which features crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. The water around Siesta Key is shallow and clear, making it a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. There are also a number of shops, cafes, and restaurants located near the beach, as well as a playground and tennis courts.

Crescent Beach is another popular spot on Siesta Key, known for its dramatic views of the nearby Point of Rocks. The rocks themselves are interesting to explore, as they are home to a variety of tide pools and coral reefs. Visitors can also enjoy a number of different watersports in this area, including kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and windsurfing.

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Frequently asked questions about hotels in Siesta Key (FL)

  • How much would a hotel cost in Siesta Key for stay purposes?

    Luxury accommodation and inexpensive hotels and motel rates and costs are generally quite diverse in terms of the services they provide and the charges they charge per service. Some guests might prefer spending some extra dollars for their delicacy-filled breakfast experience, some might pay for views from hotels, whereas some might find something that the most appropriate choice according to their budget and needs. Usually, a 3-star hotel in this city costs around US$292 for a single-night stay, whereas the prices might go up for 4-star and 5-star hotels. 4-star hotels in Siesta Key might cost around an average of US$319, whereas the prices for 5-star hotels may cost about US$374 for a single-night stay.

  • On average, what are the best hotels in Siesta Key for stay purposes?

    Whitewood, Twin Palms at Siesta, and Foxtail are some of the few famous and best hotels in Siesta Key choices for vacation purposes and business stays.

  • In Siesta, which hotels are the most suitable for families?

    To this day, hotels and other accommodations have become a necessity to break free from hectic schedules of employment, even for the family personnel, the reason why hotels have expanded their facilities for the guests that are in search of some family-friendly environment in their vacational experience. Families that visited Siesta Key FL Hotels city preferred accommodation at Whitewood, Twin Palms at Siesta, and Foxtail.