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Best Hotels in Groveland

Evergreen Lodge at Yosemite
9.0 Superb 440 reviews
From $ 39 View Deal
Yosemite Hostels
6.9 Pleasant 356 reviews
From $ 98 View Deal
Hotels In Groveland Ca
8.6 Very good 326 reviews

The Groveland Hotel

Pets Friendly Hotel

From $ 90 View Deal
All Seasons Groveland Inn
9.4 Superb 281 reviews
From $ 169 View Deal
Charlotte Hotels
8.5 Very good 243 reviews

Hotel Charlotte

Budget Hotel

From $ 114 View Deal
Priest Station Cafe & Cabins
8.3 Very good 194 reviews

Priest Station Cafe & Cabins

Pets Friendly Hotel

From $ 169 View Deal
Yosemite Rose Bed And Breakfast
9.6 Superb 165 reviews
From $ 210 View Deal
Hiker's Home (02/252)
7.7 Good 44 reviews

Hiker's Home (02/252)

Budget Hotel

From $ 126 View Deal

2 Stars and Below

Point View Retreat (08/108)
8.6 Very good 29 reviews
Sunny Pines (13/019)
8.0 Very good 28 reviews
Forest Treasure (01/497)
8.2 Very good 13 reviews

3 Stars Hotels

Climb Hawkmans Escape Yosemite
8.2 Very good 22 reviews
Owl's Lookout (05/061)
9.3 Superb 17 reviews

4 Stars and Above

Yurts Yosemite
8.1 Very good 23 reviews
The Oaks (3/171)
7.1 Good 21 reviews
Lake View Leisure (03/211)
8.0 Very good 13 reviews
Mule Deer Cabin (4-538)
8.3 Very good 12 reviews

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Upscale your travel without raising your budget with! Due to the great rush of tourists in Groveland, we provide them with a wide range of hotels varying from cheap to luxury ones at such prices that fits their pockets. Go through our wide selection of hotels in Groveland along with redefining your preferences, including discounts, star category, reviews with hotel images, price, distance, and much more. Our core focus is to provide our customers with maximum flexibility at minimum rates.

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    Frequently asked questions about hotels in Groveland (CA)

    • Which hotel accommodations are best in Groveland City for vacations of couples?

      Holiday site preferences for the best hotels in Groveland City, according to the holiday preferences and needs of couples are Yosemite Westgate Lodge, Echo Adventure's Yosemite Basecamp, and Inn at Sugar Pine Ranch.

    • Which Groveland City hotels are considered the best in terms of hotel views?

      Guests and locals in Groveland City have rated these hotels as the best as much as the views from the hotel room windows are a major concern: Yosemite Westgate Lodge, Inn at Sugar Pine Ranch, and Echo Adventure's Yosemite Basecamp

    • In Groveland City, which hotels are the most suitable for family holidays?

      Families that have visited Groveland City for their vacations have mostly chosen their stay at Inn at Sugar Pine Ranch, Echo Adventure's Yosemite Basecamp, and Yosemite Westgate Lodge.

    • Which accommodational sites are considered the best in Groveland City for vacational stays?

      Some of the most popular hotel preferences in Groveland City for vacations, business trips, and casual stays are Yosemite Westgate Lodge, Echo Adventure's Yosemite Basecamp, and Inn at Sugar Pine Ranch.

    • How much would a hotel cost in Groveland City for accommodations?

      Casually, 3-star Groveland CA Hotels might cost you around US$170 for a single-night stay, whereas the prices may tend to increase for 4-star and 5-star hotels. 4-star hotels in Groveland City might cost you around an average of US$205, whereas the prices for 5-star hotels may cost about US$245 for an individual night stay if you’re planning on something fancy and special.