Top 3 Hotels In Hudson – New York City Staycation

By Nick K, Posted on 02 Aug, 2022 at 01:04 am

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So are you the visitors or vacationer who is looking for a budget-friendly, lavish, and beautiful hotel with comfort suites in Hudson NYC? You’ve come to the right place. This blog is all about the top 3 Hudson's hotels where you can find comfort and relaxation to make the most of your off days in peace!

Hudson NY is most famous for its creative arts scenes, food points, art galleries, and parties & nightlife, plus the city excites the antiquarians with antique shops. So if you're living there or went on vacation get excited to explore the area!

Here is a list of the top 3 hotels in Hudson NYC, you can choose any of these hotels to make your stay spot!


  1. Equinox Hotel New York

  2. Hudson River Hotel

  3. The Wick, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel


Hudson River Hotel

442 West 36th Street , New York City, United States

rates from $ 1,059.7

The Hudson Whaler building is found within the heart of Hudson's downtown, simply steps away from fashionable outlets, art galleries, and famous food points, and offers it is guests unique access to enjoy plenty of outside experiences. The building is reflecting the attribute of Hudson showing off actual details, yet as native artists and materials. Upon getting into the lobby side, it has a lounge of a ship captain style, guests are welcomed with a show of ornate woodwork, as well as explicit handcrafted, three-level steps and a sublime custom fireplace area.


Equinox Hotel Hudson Yards New York City

33 Hudson Yards, New York City, United States

rates from $ 1,100.0

Equinox Hotel New York was created for people who love resting in comfort and playing as arduous as they work. It is designed for people who look for an area that matches the dimensions of their ambitions and an area to revive and regenerate. Also, it is close to the high line, edge, Empire State Building & Times Square.

It's a lavish hotel that is providing you with all the luxurious facilities at low prices. You can have the opportunity of indoor and outdoor pool activities, aerobics lessons, lavish stores, a 24/7 spa, Pilates lessons, and much more to have fun and to keep yourself busy!

After getting tired you can your desired meal from the restaurants of the hotel, and can do the gym and work out and then you can rest in your comfortable bed. How someone will not choose to live in an all-in-one hotel like Hudson yards equinox?


The Wick Hudson a Tribute Portfolio Hotel

41 Cross Street, Hudson, United States

rates from $ 100.4

The Wick Hotel is newly built in Hudson. This hotel has a total of 55 guest rooms, two gathering conference spaces, and all the required on-site amenities.  This is just an ideal getaway. The footsteps are just little a  far from the famous attractions of Hudson like the basilica and the Hudson opera house, open food dining options, and various galleries of art in Hudson. You can book a room here if you want to wish to stay close to the top attractions.

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