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7 Santa Barbara Travel Tips Know Before You Go

By Rachel Robinso, Posted on 18 Aug, 2022 at 02:53 pm

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Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is known for its beautiful beaches, diverse cultural touchstones, and a millennial population that is rolling out of bed to get dinner at the beachside hotspot. But what goes on in this paradise? This article contains all the info you'll need before you go!


Where to Stay:

In Santa Barbara, you can find hotels and resorts for every style and budget. For real comfort and relaxation with guaranteed fun, you can stay at the Hilton beachfront Santa Barbara hotel, with lavish rooms & suites, a spa, and a pool.

Enjoy golfing, coastal cruises tour, and many other fun activities at Hilton Santa Barbara, which is just minutes away from Barbara’s attractions. You can sit back and enjoy the heartwarming views from your luxurious rooms.


Taste Every Food & Drink:

This place is famous for its Mexican food and also its delicious seafood. So don't forget to try the scrumptious meals of Santa Barbara. You can get some best local wines here too. Do not forget to look out for the famous farmer's market and all the local stuff.


Don’t Forget Hiking:

If you like hiking, Santa Barbara is the perfect place for you, with everything from water downfalls to canyons and beaches everything. There are many places for hiking here, easy to reach too! Don’t miss the chance to make a memorable hiking experience in the hills of Santa Barbara!


Sunblock is Must:

Do not forget to apply sunblock before leaving your room. The weather of Santa Barbara is pretty nice and cool even in summers but it's still not safe to leave the room without using sunblock it can tan your skin. There is no bad timing to visit Santa Barbara.


Stay Aware:

While having fun in this extremely beautiful place don’t forget to take care of your things and be careful in the street of Santa Barbara. There is a threat of robbing and snatching. So whether you're with your family or an alone visitor just stay aware all the time and make sure to keep your things protected.


Take Public Transportation:

Once you reach here just leave your car in the parking and use the public transportation services such as open-air trolleys, water taxis, public buses and many more. They are way more easily accessible for visitors.


Make Sure Your Kids Enjoy The Most:

If you're visiting with kids this place offers many zoos, parks, gardens, and a lot of fun outdoor games and activities that are kids-friendly. Don't forget to make your kids experience surfing, hiking, paddling, swimming, etc. Make the most of your vacation in Santa Barbara. Apart from that, staying at Hilton Santa barbara beachfront resort is going to keep your kids engaged in different activities!

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