7 Things Everyone Should Know About Miami FL History!

By Amelia Gibson, Posted on 01 Sep, 2022 at 02:34 pm

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Miami, Florida

Rome wasn't built in a day, but maybe you can say that Miami was! Miami, Florida is known for many things: the ever-growing and booming city of Miami, the beautiful beaches and coastal waters which surround the city, and the tropical weather that makes this area a hotspot for visitors. But you might be surprised to find out there is more to the Miami, Florida area than what meets the eye - read on to learn 7 surprising facts about this city!


Mother Of Miami:

"Miami's Mother," Julia Tuttle was a businesswoman who owned the land on which Miami was built. She persuaded railroad magnate Henry Flagler to extend the railroad to Miami and her River Territory, offering land for a hotel and railroad station free of charge. The Florida Railroad reached the area on April 22, 1896, and three months later, on her July 28, a referendum created a new city, Miami.


Biggest Collection of Art Deco Architecture:

Miami Beach's incredible thirty blocks of pastel-shade hotels and stores make up the biggest collection of art deco architecture in the whole world!          


Oldest Hunting Lodge:

This lodge is a historic log cabin in Miami. Famous Glenn H built this in 1924. The lodge quickly became the center of social events in the town. It also serves as a library, factory of scents, aircraft factory, and the headquarters of Miami's Gun and Archery Club. In 2018 someone bought it for $315,000.


Owns The Oldest Buildings In The Western World:

The Church of St. Bernard of Clairvaux is mainly a Spanish monastery that was developed in 1141. The Abbey of Bernard underwent several significant voyages until it reached the shores of Miami in 1964 and has remained there ever since. People who love history visit there to see the beauty of old Miami!


Lua Curtis House:

This home was constructed in 1926 and its design was like the Pueblo Revival style. In 1985, its name got to the list of the national register of Historic Places and in 2003 it was considered a landmark in Miami Springs. It is one of the 4 buildings in Miami Springs. It's Just 0.8 miles from the Holiday Inn Express & Suites.

This house is owned privately, so you can't visit inside. On Saturday mornings, however, you can visit to see the Pueblo Revival Curtis Mansion.


The Hampton House:

It is a treasured part of Miami's black history and the only free-standing hotel from that period to survive. This property was opened in 1954. The House was also the main center of social & main political modification in Miami.

Some activists drew attention to the once-famous house’s rich history and succeeded to work for Hampton house & designating the Hampton House as a Historic Landmark in Miami.


Well of Ancient Mysteries:

If you’re staying in holiday inn express & suites Miami airport east or nearby hotels, you must visit the nearest historic landmark that is the "well of Ancient Mysteries.

In 1962, a schoolboy started digging in his parents' garden looking for an old well that his neighbors had heard about. With the Cuban missile crisis looming, Miami residents were afraid of losing access to clean water if attacked. Searching for the legendary well, the boy discovered many fossils and artifacts which belong to its early inhabitants.

In 1969 he finally found the well. Water flows from the well still!


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