5 Must-Visit Water & Amusement Parks in Shreveport, LA

By Ava Garcia, Posted on 01 Sep, 2022 at 01:47 pm

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Shreveport, LA

If you're headed to Shreveport, Louisiana with your family, be prepared for an experience of a lifetime. Take a day or two to explore these five incredible amusement and water parks that are sure to bring the entire family together in the best kind of fun! For a day filled with fun and thrills, check out these five must-visit water and amusement parks!

Tip: If you're traveling solely for amusement or water parks and with children, make sure to book your hotels in Shreveport la which are located nearby!


Splash kingdom:

Splash Kingdom waterpark offers plenty of summer fun for everyone. Splash Kingdom Waterpark is a large water park for all ages with slides, wave pools, lagoons, and other attractions. The cabanas at Splash Kingdom Waterpark are a great way to cool off in the heat of summer with a lazy river for those who just want to just relax.

The waterpark also gives free water tubes and lifesaving vests to the people who need them. Visit there to have fun in the water!


Party Central Park:

They`ve got the latest and greatest games. Their arcade area is loaded with the most state-of-the-art games around! Party Central Family Fun Center is Shreveport’s premier amusement center for the whole family. Their centers offer exciting go-karts, miniature golf, pool attractions, arcade sports, and a kid-focused recreation center. Enjoy all the great attractions and games here.


Air U Trampoline Park:

If you want to celebrate a kid event or want to go to have a good time with your family and friends, step into the Air-U Trampoline. They offer you great deals to have ultimate indoor fun with your partners. They have a variety of indoor activity options to choose from. They offer you over 10,000 square feet of trampolines and foam pits to bounce, fly and spin. Don’t forget to visit this place. Just step inside and have fun!


Riverview Park:

Riverview Park has a water playing field and colorful lightened roses above the pretty pleasing Red River. It has an immersive fountain with lights and music and a 300-foot floating dock of a boat. A spectacular waterfall with organic rocks and plantation, a gazebo, and a viewing zone at the top of the waterfall can be enjoyed as well!


Island Fun arcade

If you’re an arcade player or video game lover so what are you waiting for? Just run towards the island fun arcade. They have plenty of games where you can play the games of your choice and have a totally fun day with your friends. Make your day memorable at the island fun


Recommendations for Hotels:

You can stay at Red roof inn, Motel 6, or Comfort inn Shreveport hotels, these are the nearest hotels to all the attractions, and they don’t cost your pocket a lot and fulfill your requirements too, staying close to the amusement and water parks!

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