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Welcome to Tallahassee, Florida!

Tallahassee, Florida is a city that's not just the state capital, but also a hub of vibrant culture, history, and nature. Here at, discover our featured Hotels, Apartments, Hostels, Motels, Holiday homes in Tallahassee, Florida.

One of the city's top attractions is the Tallahassee Museum, which is a living museum that showcases Florida's natural and cultural history. This museum features interactive exhibits, live animals, and nature trails that offer visitors a unique experience. Another must-visit spot is the Goodwood Museum & Gardens, which is a historic plantation house that showcases the city's history and culture. The estate is surrounded by lush gardens that make for a beautiful setting to explore.

For automobile enthusiasts, the Tallahassee Automobile Museum is a must-visit. This museum boasts an impressive collection of vintage cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles, spanning over a century of automotive history. Visitors can also get behind the wheel of some of the museum's classic cars and feel the thrill of driving a piece of history.

Lake Jackson Mounds State Park is another popular spot for nature lovers. This park is home to several archaeological sites that date back over 5,000 years. Visitors can explore the park's hiking trails, picnic areas, and enjoy the stunning views of Lake Jackson.

Fun Station is a family-friendly amusement park that offers hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike. With go-karts, mini-golf, bumper boats, and arcade games, there's something for everyone at Fun Station.

For those who are interested in antique cars, the Antique Car Museum is a must-see. This museum boasts an impressive collection of vintage cars, trucks, and other vehicles that span over a century of automotive history. Visitors can also learn about the technology and design that went into these classic cars.

J. R. Alford Greenway is a beautiful park that offers visitors a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. This park features hiking trails, picnic areas, and a playground for the kids. It's the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Tallahassee-St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail is a 20-mile-long trail that offers visitors a chance to explore the city's history and natural beauty. The trail winds through forests, fields, and wetlands, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Finally, for those who are planning to visit Tallahassee, the nearest airport is Tallahassee International Airport. With direct flights from major cities across the country, it's easy to get to Tallahassee and start exploring all that this vibrant city has to offer.

In conclusion, Tallahassee, Florida is a city that offers visitors a chance to explore the state's history, culture, and natural beauty. With its top attractions, beautiful parks, and excellent accommodations, it's the perfect destination for anyone looking to experience the best that Florida has to offer. So, whether you're a nature lover, history buff, or just looking for a fun-filled vacation, Tallahassee is the place to be!