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Crowne Plaza Jfk Airport New York City, An Ihg Hotel
7.3 Good 3545 reviews
from $ 193 View Deal
Hampton Inn Jfk
7.6 Good 2729 reviews

Hampton Inn NY-JFK

Free Airport Shuttle

from $ 178 View Deal
Queen Mary Hotel
7.8 Good 2341 reviews

The Queens Hotel

Budget Hotel

from $ 106 View Deal
Hotel Mint Jfk Airport
6.0 Pleasant 1796 reviews

Hotel Mint JFK Airport

Budget Hotel

from $ 88 View Deal
Hotel Ninety Five - Jfk Airport
5.7 Fabulous 1760 reviews
from $ 427 View Deal
Jfk Hilton
7.4 Good 1710 reviews

Hilton New York JFK Airport Hotel

Free Airport Shuttle

from $ 196 View Deal
Jfk Inn Hotel
5.6 Fabulous 1342 reviews


Free Airport Shuttle

from $ 159 View Deal
Holiday Inn Express Kennedy Airport
7.6 Good 1313 reviews
from $ 177 View Deal

2 Stars and Below

177-08 Liberty Ave Jamaica Ny 11433
8.2 Very good 875 reviews
Flushing Hotel
5.9 Fabulous 720 reviews
Lexington Inn Jfk Airport
5.2 Fabulous 608 reviews

3 Stars Hotels

Asiatic Hotel By Laguardia Airport
8.3 Very good 1215 reviews
Radisson Hotel Jfk Airport
6.7 Pleasant 1146 reviews

4 Stars and Above

Hire Luxury Cars in Queens

Arrive at your destination in comfort and luxury – in a classy executive car. Here are some examples:

Toyota Landcruiser

Toyota Landcruiser or similar

  • 6 passengers
  • Sport Utility Vehicle
  • air conditioning
  • automatic
  • Unlimited mileage
Nissan Rogue

Nissan Rogue or similar

  • 5 passengers
  • 4 Door Car
  • air conditioning
  • automatic
  • Unlimited mileage
Chrysler 300

Chrysler 300 or similar

  • 5 passengers
  • 2 or 4 Door Car
  • air conditioning
  • automatic
  • Unlimited mileage
Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen Jetta or similar

  • 5 passengers
  • 4 Door Car
  • air conditioning
  • automatic
  • Unlimited mileage

Welcome to Queens (NY)!

Queens, New York, is the third most populous borough of New York City (after Brooklyn and Manhattan). Queens is New York City's most ethnically diverse borough and the only one that shares borders with three other counties. Queens, NY offers a unique, adventurous experience. Come visit Flushing Meadows Corona Park, the location of the 1964 World's Fair, which provides a great opportunity to experience art and enjoy Queens’ diverse culture. You can explore the local artists while snacking on some delicious food.

This unique borough is located in New York and offers affordable hotels in convenient locations. Queens hotels aren't just for business travelers. Whether you're visiting New York City or traveling to and from LaGuardia or JFK Airports, there are plenty of wonderful hotels in Queens, NY.

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