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The 20 Best Places To Go In Arizona

By Emma Burne, Posted on 08 Dec, 2021 at 04:47 am

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The 20 Best Places To Go In Arizona

Arizona is a landmark of gigantic attractions, lively cities, outstanding spas, and more, making this state ideal for everyone. Although, Arizona has unique art and cultural heritage, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity. The outdoor beauty, American and Hispanic version of culture with southwestern touch is unique. Every lover of outdoor activities, must head to Arizona once; it has many outdoor activities like camping, hiking, golfing, biking, and many more. Arizona has many outstanding landscapes, but to choose the best Arizona landscape to visit, we measured the best features like accommodations, accessibility with the opinion of both travelers and the local public so the visitors can easily pick the best landscape to spend ideal vacations.

Do you have any favorite places to Visit in Arizona? If you are not sure, keep on reading!

  1. Grand Canyon

    This is the most-visited spot in Arizona. Its gigantic natural wonders are the reason why Arizona is famous as “The State of Grand Canyon.” Former President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Grand Canyon has a considerable natural beauty which is hard to find in rest of the world." Many visitors love to explore this beautiful national park by hiking and riding around North Rim and the Colorado River. The visitors also opt for camping and hardcore at the North Rim. If you’re looking to see the up view of this natural wonders land, engage your ride in the helicopter tour.

  2. Sedona

    It is a fantastic outdoor spot of the city and is perfect for the amusing spectacular scenery of the city. It is famous because of its red rocks, which produce remedial energy from the earth, stunning hiking tracks, and its whirlpools. Many of the visitors love to sit here to explore the scenic view of the city. There are many more reasons to visit Sedona other than red rocks and beauty. In past years, some spiritualists were flocked here, as it is supposed that many Spirit balancing power found at this spot. For relaxation, Sedona has many saunas treatment centers, so the visitors can feel relaxed, and many wineries.

  3. Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

    This is a home of thrills and adventures. It has unique rock formations. This spot has the Coyote Buttes North Waves and Paria Canyon’s white Pocket, perfect for hikers and those who love thrills. Don’t miss the hiking and camping here. Arizona’s Bureau of land Management permits only 20 people per day to visit this iconic spot, so the visitors can enjoy every bit of this land without rubbing elbows.

  4. Montezuma Castle National Monument

    This is a historic spot with lush architecture. It features five wonderful floors with 20 fully designed rooms constructed into Arizona's birds and bloom valley named “Verde Valley." Its pueblo structured houses were named later on Aztec Emperor and were inhabited by Indian Tribe -Sinagua. It is the best place to discover the Sinagua culture and art. This spot does not allow to visit these houses due to the Fragile state.

  5. Tucson

    It is a place of sunshine, which attracts sun-seekers in flocks. If you want to discover the native animals of the city like Prairie Dog and Coyote, head to this spot, which is present at 98 acres of land. The visitors can also take a drive towards the top-notch photo-worthy spot Mount Lemmon Scenic Byway. And when you're craving for traditional food of the city, head to the UNESCO creative cookeries of the city, which offers a variety of foods here. There is plenty of Mexican restaurants because it is just 70 miles away from the Mexican border.

  6. Petrified Forest National Park

    If you are exhausted from your daily life, head to this scenic spot, perfect to spend an ideal vacation. It is almost about 200,000 acres landmark, where you can discover petrified wood, animal fossils, and many rocky cliffs. This park is unique because of its world's largest growth of Petrified woods. To make your every sec full of amusement, this part offers many incorporating activities includes hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Don’t forget to check in the Historical exhibitions of the park at Rainbow Forest Museum and Painted Desert Inn.

  7. Lake Havasu

    It is one of the best places to visit in Arizona. This spot presents various on and by-water activities. This lake is considered the premier spot for boating, skiing, swimming, and fishing. It features beautiful hidden coves nearby Kayak, dramatic London Bridge which was moved in 1971 from London. For further amusement, head to the Lake Havasu City, where traditional eateries, shop having cultural stuff, hiking tracks, and campgrounds are ready to make your trip memorable.

  8. Phoenix

    It is the fifth most famous Arizona place to visit. It is the capital city of Arizona and constantly offers lively activities and made Arizona the apple of everyone's eye. It is famous because of its well-trimmed golfing courses, outstanding hot springs resorts, and Camelback Peak tracks for hiking. There are many other attractive landmarks like the Musical Instrument Museum, where visitors can discover the art and culture of the city and Desert Botanical Garden. Furthermore, the city also has a diverse population which offers vigorous eateries having huge variety’s menus. These eateries have a mixed taste of steakhouse and Mexican cuisine flavors.

  9. Flagstaff

    It is a land of natural wonders. The visitors find the beautiful Snow owl at the northern site of Arizona, which has many ski slopes and hiking tracks and almost 9,500 very high Peaks. At the east, there is a beautiful Walnut Canyon National Monument. There are also many historical places like Historic Downtown, Railroad District, and many, to discover the history and culture of the city. It features 66 routes and 20th-century constructions, gigantic eateries, and many wonderful art collections and shops. So, the visitors can spend an amazing trip with all the glory of the city.

  10. Prescott

    All nature lovers must head to the Prescott. It is a land of natural beauties, having nearly 400 miles of tracks best for biking and horse riding, scenic lakes best for boating and fishing. The Downtown district of Prescott is full of architectural stuff and is best for architecture enthusiasts. This district has many historical places, American-style structures, Victorian Houses, and former bars. Don’t forget to check out the culture of the city at Old West Pippen Museum and Indigenous Museum.

  11. Monument Valley

    This is a dramatic land where many of the film shootings are done because of its unique red sandstone hills. Almost 17 miles away from this valley, there are many sightseeing places, which include East and West mitten hills, Elephant Butte, and the beautiful point of John Ford. There is a most famous area, Navajo, where the visitors can purchase much traditional jewelry and handcrafted stuff.

  12. Bisbee

    If you want to discover the city’s past, head to the Bisbee, which is considered a thriving mining city. When you visit this city, you will explore the past of Southern Arizona, and it feels like you exist in past eras. To explore the history, the city provides many exhibitions at Bisbee Historical Museum. Here you can also discover the Copper Queen Mine's history. If you want to learn more about the city, check out the ghost tour of many historic museums and buildings.

  13. Apache Junction

    This city is just 35 miles away from Phoenix city and connects Old West city on this list. This spot features Superstition peaks which is the main reason to visit the city, and in the 19th century, many of the people visited search Gold. Leftover from Old West history can be cleared from Goldfield Ghost, renovation of mammoth gold, gold panning classes, and gunfights takes place. This spot is also best for hiking on the tracks of Lost Dutchman Park.

  14. Saguaro Lake

    This is a perfect place to spend time with the calm water. The visitors can go boating, fishing, kayaking, water boating, and waterskiing. It is also a spot to visualize vivid fishes like rainbow trout fish, catfish, and largemouth bass fish and get the up-front look of these marine species by boating. This lake is surrounded by the beautiful cactus-filled forest named Tonto National Forest, having different thrilly tracks like Butcher Johns Track, best for hiking.

  15. Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

    It is the first American Archeological City, having about 100 years old Archeological heritage. The visitors enjoy many impressive sites of the city, which includes Grande Ruins National Momentum, which is the most famous location of the city, and don't forget to see the short film here about the history and former residency of the city. There are many sightseeing spots, and don't miss packing your lunch to enjoy these outstanding sites.

  16. Coconino National Forest

    If you want to explore nature, head to the Coconino Forest. This is the most diverse forest, with about 2 million acres of peaks, scenic lakes, and creek-covered landmarks. Don’t forget to hike to the Mountain of San Francisco, which is the tallest mountain in Arizona, to enjoy the panoramic view of the city and zip; also, visit the beautiful Slide Rock state park, which has amazing rocky slides and a beautiful swimming spot. This is a spot of all kinds of terrestrial life, so don’t miss exploring the bustle of this spot.

  17. Lake Powell

    If you want to explore a breathtaking spot, this is a perfect place for your mood. Million visitors come to explore this beautiful lake every year, which offers many water games like water skiing, waterboarding, water sliding, tubing, paddle boarding, fishing, and more! It features about 2,000 miles of windy shorelines, which makes it the second-largest artificial lake in the US. And don’t miss hiking around the Red Rocks of the beautiful lake.

  18. Lake Mead

    This is a beautiful lake with silver skyline water. You’ll find various ways to enjoy the beauty of the lake. It features 70 miles shoreline, a water reservoir of about 9 trillion gallons, is perfect for boating, water skiing, and fishing here. Thank for its depth, which makes it the world’s top freshwater lake. And don’t miss to Visit the Gypsum Reefs site and Kingman Wash sites of Arizona as it has its speechless beauty.

  19. Tombstone

    It is a southeastern Town of Arizona. It is the best place to explore the Wild west life and culture. There are various bars, shops, and eateries at Allen Street where the visitors can amuse themselves with the traditional culture of the xity6. The visitors can also visit the different historical spots like Bird Cage Theater, O.k. Corral Historic spot, and can also watch the costumed performers who renovated the famous gunfight of 1881. Plus, there are more spots to discover the outlaws and pioneering era of the city like Town's courthouse and Old West graveyard.

  20. Kingman

    This is one of the best places to go in Arizona and is considered the “Heart of Historic Route 66”. It features the longest unbroken Route 66. The visitors will find different historical places like Arizona Route 66 Museum. And museum of Kingman Railroad. There is also a Historic Route that was used in the 1800s. Plus, at Cerbat Foothills Recreation spot, the visitors can enjoy biking and hiking. And don’t worry about food, there are plenty of bars, wineries, and eateries which have great menus.

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