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Get an Exclusive Glimpse of News and Broadcasting with CNN Studio Tours

By Amanda Smith, Posted on 01 Jan, 2023 at 12:36 am

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CNN Studio Tours

Are you interested in getting a behind the scenes look at how news is made? Then CNN Studio Tours is for you! CNN Studio Tours offers a 55-minute guided walking tour with exclusive views of Atlanta’s CNN studios. Additionally, you’ll get a thrilling glimpse into news and broadcasting in action. Let’s take a closer look at what to expect during this unique experience.


A Unique Guided Tour of a Working Newsroom

During your tour, you will be escorted through the world headquarters of Cable News Network (CNN). You will get a front row seat to watch live broadcasts and witness firsthand how news is made. Your knowledgeable guide will explain the entire process from start to finish – from what goes on before, during, and after each newscast. The tour also includes interactive multimedia kiosks that provide information about the history of cable news and the development of CNN’s global reach over the years.


Gain Insight Into Media Production

The highlight of your visit is when you enter into one of the functioning control rooms where real media professionals are hard at work. Here, you will gain insight into how video production teams work together to create dynamic programs viewed by millions around the world every day. This experience is perfect for anyone interested in media production or broadcast journalism as it provides an inside look at what goes on behind-the-scenes during live broadcasts.

Get Up Close and Personal With Technology

On your guided tour, you will have access to several interactive spaces designed to show off some of today's cutting-edge technology used in television broadcasting. From robotic cameras that can zoom in from across a room to motion graphics suites that produce stunning visuals for broadcast, there are plenty of amazing tools and gadgets that bring news stories to life on television screens everywhere. Plus, special effects like augmented reality (AR) let guests actually step into different virtual environments providing deeper context for stories being reported on air.

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If you want to get an exclusive peek into how news gets made then don’t miss out on an opportunity to take part in one of CNN Studio Tours' guided walking tours! You won't just learn about broadcasting—you'll also experience it first hand with fascinating interactive elements like robotic cameras, motion graphics suites and augmented reality experiences! Plus, you'll have access to knowledgeable staff who can answer all your questions about television production or provide insight into careers related to broadcast journalism. Don't wait – Book your stay near CNN Studio Tours today!

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