Fort Myers Florida – Top Attractions & Things To Do

By Nick K, Posted on 02 Sep, 2022 at 09:18 am

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Things to do in Fort Myers

If you're visiting Fort Myers' white sand beaches for a family vacation, Spring Break, or just to get some much-needed fresh air, this idyllic city in southwest Florida can serve up an adventure sure to please any and any type of traveler, with its hopping nightlife, unwinding beaches, and everything in between.

As you're going to see, there are a ton of exciting and different attractions and things to do in Fort Myers, Florida, ranging from deep-sea fishing excursions to immaculate golf courses, quaint Gulf Coast islands, and first-rate shopping and eating options.

So let’s find out the top attractions in Fort Myers and Fort Myers beach hotels to make your stay more comfortable and relaxed!


Go to Fort Myers Beach for a day

Fort Myers Beach

On Estero Island, Fort Myers Beach is a long stretch of warm, shallow water surrounded by fort Myers beach resorts, hotels, and restaurants. The water here is ideal for swimming, strolling, and watching dolphins, who frequently pass by and may occasionally be spotted only a few feet away.

The busiest stretch of beach is to the southern dock, where you may frequently see groups of people lounging in the sun. A hip beach scene is created by the availability of beach chair rentals and food services in some locations. For a quieter atmosphere, look to the area to the northern dock. Lynn Hall Beach Park, which features picnic tables, barbecues, showers, and bathrooms, is located behind the beach.

The main street of Fort Myers Beach, Estero Blvd., is located not far from the beach.


Times Square

The lively Times Square is right behind the dock. Numerous restaurants with outdoor dining, ice cream parlors, and a variety of surf, beach, and gift shops are here at times square.

Times Square is a pedestrian-only area that lies immediately adjacent to the coast behind the dock, somewhere further behind are the streets with parking and access for cars. You may find t-shirts and beachwear retailers here.  Street performers provide entertainment for the public in the evenings.

This place is a small area that is simple to navigate on foot. Numerous individuals are roaming near in beach attire, and the setting is quite relaxed. The region may be immediately recognized by the brightly colored bricks.


Tour Winter Estates At Edison Ford

Just north of the center of Fort Myers, in a charming area, the Edison & Ford Winter Estates lies. These houses, which are National Historic Landmarks, are presently a museum for public tours.

You may take a tour of the expansive grounds, the laboratories, and a modern museum with galleries that feature exhibits on electricity and vintage cars.


Discover The Downtown And Fort Myers River Area

Fort Myers did a fantastic job of maintaining its historic downtown. There are many eateries, theatres, and unique shops in this region, which is indicated by the red interlinking road. A backdrop of 1920s Art Deco structures frames the region, which comes to life in the early evening and late afternoon. Patios top up with customers savoring some of the exquisite cuisines on offer, while people meander along the spacious walkways.


Arrive at Fort Myers Beach Dock To Watch The Action

The Fort Myers Dock, which was completely rebuilt after its initial 1921 construction is one of Southwest Florida's top locations for sunsets.

The dock is open to the public and features a sizable viewing area that is partially covered in the end, as well as a small shop that sells refreshments, souvenirs, and fishing gear halfway along the deck. Dolphins may frequently be seen swimming nearby to the beach, from the dock.

You can observe the bustling beach scene from the south during the day, people parasailing through the air, and a variety of boats racing close offshore. The dock is all about the best sunsets in the evening. Grab something to eat from Old San Carlos Blvd. after joining the masses to watch the sun descend into the Gulf of Mexico.


Where to stay

Sometimes all you want is a laid-back vacation on the beach and in the tropics. And when you go to Fort Myers in Florida, you'll receive just that. This location is well-known for its outdoor sports and beaches including water sports, golfing, water sports, fishing, and some amazing shopping! This mix is what makes it so well-liked by both celebs and the general traveling public at the same time. Also, there are numerous places to stay in Fort Myers Beach, so staying close to the beach is never a problem!

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