Best places to visit in the Carolinas

By Amelia Gibson, Posted on 26 Dec, 2021 at 10:11 am

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Best places to visit in the Carolinas

The 20 Best Places To Visit In North Carolina And South Carolina

Carolina is a state of endless attractions and provides the best vacation spots in Carolina. From small towns to big cities, every bit of this state is undeniable. The Carolinas have ample affordable spots with good hospitality. Our travel guide enlists the best areas, accommodations, accessibility, and things to do with expert and traveler recommendations to find out the best places to visit in Carolinas. And, don't miss to vote for your favorite spot of Carolinas below to help out for the next year's best spots list.

  1. Charleston

The charm of Charleston is undeniable and made this city a more attractive landmark among the other cities of this state. From the history buff to the romantic spots, Charleston is the city that has it all. The history lovers can flock to the Downtown, Instagrammers can click photos at The Rainbow and Battery Row, and the sun worshiper can go to Folly Beach, Palm Isle, and many nearby seashores. Furthermore, the visitors will amuse the top-notch Southern Cuisine and taste unique shrimps, Green Fried tomatoes, crab soup, and grits at different eateries. Plus, the city has many historical spots, and this city loves to celebrate its history so, head to the Spanish Moss trees, paving stone streets, spooky cemeteries that will make you feel like you are in the past era. But the city revolutionized many neoclassical eateries, shopping areas, art collections and organized the world-class Festival "Spoleto" and captivates many visitors every year.

  1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Do you like outdoor activities? Head to this park, which brings many outdoor spots for you. The park touches the borderline of Tennessee and is the most favorite spot among the visitors. Here you will find almost 120-foot giant waterfalls includes Mingo Falls and wide tracks for hiking like Mingus Cree Track which takes you back in the past because of its unique slave cemetery and other historic-filled views. The park also provides many outdoor activities like hiking, biking, driving, and fishing spots; the park has plenty of snaking roads best for driving and clicking photos with the scenic view of Lakeview Drive and beautiful Newfoundland. If you want to discover the wildlife, head to the Sugarland Visitor Spot and see the documentary on the park.

  1. Asheville, NC

A trip to Asheville connects with the lively art and culture. There are great things to explore for travelers of all types. The city features Appalachian Trail and beautiful Blue Ridge Park, which make it a world-class spot to view nature. The city is also a hub of history and to discover its head to the Asheville Urban Trail, which has almost 30 beautiful sculptures and photo-worthy figures of the city. Moreover, 250 Biltmore Estate rooms are also available, which were built in the 19th century by George Vanderbilt are the best for romance, enthusiasts, and architecture lovers.

  1. Outer Banks

This is a barricade island and custom and captivates the tourist's hearts and pushes them to visit Carolinas. The island is a small district with a family-friendly environment. The island brings out many less expensive holidays rentals and extensive beaches with a less crowded atmosphere. If you want to take a break from your hectic routines, plan your vacations to spend there at white Sandy beaches and many lighthouses. Plus, the visitors can do many adventurous things like sand-boarding, hang gliding, and many more at Ridge Jockey State Park.

  1. Hilton Head

The city is 100 miles away from Charleston and is a perfect place to spend an ideal vacation with the hustle and bustle of the city. The city has plenty of spots for relaxation, like more than 12 miles of shorelines and islands. The city has a wonderful Coligny Beach Park with amenities like workshops, eateries, and cafeterias. If you want a less crowded environment, head to Alder Lane, which is considered the beach entree point and is full of photo-worthy locations.

  1. Myrtle Beach

Thanks to its beauty and family-friendly environment, which make this spot favorite among visitors of all ages. The beach features 60 miles of beautiful coastlines, Ripley's Aquarium, and Golfing Area. Furthermore, the clear crystalline water of the beach is perfect for fishing, swimming, kayaking Ang Paddleboarding. The visitors can opt for camping here, get the glory of star gazing at night, and see the wonderful sun setting at the beach. To explore the natural beauty, head to the Myrtle Beach State Park, full of playgrounds, a fishing dock, and a campground.

  1. Charlotte

Are you a sports lover? Head to Charlotte city, which organized many games of your interest like basketball where highly professional games like NB's Hornet and NFL'S Carolina Panthers play and entertain the travelers. Charlotte city also offers other interesting spots, and things do to here. Art and heritage lovers can spend a day at different exhibitions organized at Mint Uptown Museum and New South Levine Museum. Plus, many other outdoor activities like travelers can visit Freedom Tracks Park, where they can go hiking on the long and wide tracks if you want adventure, head to the United States Whitewater Center, where you can opt for zipping lining and rafting.

  1. Greenville, SC

It is one of the best vacation spots in Carolina with fewer throngs of travelers and is considered the growing city of Carolinas. It is more attractive than other towns of the state because of its lush location on the slope of Blue Ridge Peaks. Greenville is the outdoor activities hub and has many stunning landmarks like Fall Park, a beautiful Bridge, a place to explore the beauty of the gardens, and 22 miles long Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Tracks, perfect for biking.

  1. Raleigh

It is the capital city of North Carolina and is a research hub. It is well known for its educational institutes and research centers and has many valuable vacation spots. The city features can't-miss North Carolina Science Museum and Museum of Art, which offers many exciting exhibitions and festivals. Plus, don't miss to check out the William B. Umstead State Park, which has multiple lakes where travelers can go fishing, canoeing, and many wide hiking, biking, and horse-riding tracks. And Pullen amusement Park fills with greenery and a small museum that shows American history.

  1. Beaufort

Beaufort is a city of attractive oaks trees. Every street of this city is decorated with oak tree linings. The city has a brilliant history of the Civil War, which is now a very interesting thing for travelers. The horse-drawn carriage tours to the History Museum of Beaufort bring you back to the past era. Don't miss to discover the history of the Gullah Geechee People at Penn Center. The city is also a land of many amusement landmarks, like Beaufort River, the best for kayaking and paddleboarding. And don't miss to keep your eyes out peeled for birds at Cypress Wetlands, and it is perfect for couples.

  1. Bald Head Island

This is an island of soothing getaways. Here you'll find almost 10,000 acres of scenic lands such as natural damns and preservers and 14 miles of sandy beaches. The island has plenty of outdoor activities like you can opt for kayaking, surfing, waterboarding, and boogie boarding at East Beach. Plus, the travelers can also visit the oldest lighthouse of the city, "Old Baldy," where they can explore the beautiful sea alligators and turtles and birds-watching view at Conservancy Island. You can also discover this island by kayaking and biking.

  1. Greensboro

The city is considered the third-largest city of Carolina by population. It is a place to explore many historical events like the Revolutionary Battle War, which is the most famous can't-miss Historic event and shows the history of the Civil Rights Movement. The visitors can see the battle renovation at Guilford Courthouse Military Park and can visit Civil Rights Museums for an overview of history. The city also presents many spots for the nature lover, like beautiful gardens with a family-friendly environment. If you are with children, don't forget to check out the Greensboro Science Center.

  1. Emerald Isle

This is a small but beautiful urban state and is perfect for a beach vacation. The island has 12 miles long coastlines where you can sink your toes in the beach's sand without rubbing elbows and go for kiteboarding and surfing here. Furthermore, there is a perfect fishing spot at Inlet Pierz, and you can also play golf at Salty Private Water Park. 

  1. Carolina Beach

This can't-miss spot of Carolinas and is fun-packed, perfect for a family vacation. Around the beach, there is a small town fully facilitated with eateries, shops, and many amusement landmarks like arcades and parks. The beach hosts board walking every year in the summer season at Beaches' State Park with top-class fishing and hiking opportunities and unique flowers views like Venus Flytrap.

  1. Winston Salem

This is the most historic spot of the city and was founded by an Eastern European group named Moravians. WS is the city of charming historical buff and beautiful art with unique wineries. Don't forget to check out the Old Salem Garden and Museum to discover the art and past of Moravians. Plus, you can't miss the Reynalda House Art collection and Museum and District Art Galleries. Then rushes down to Yadkin Valley for relaxation, which has almost 40 wineries and eateries.

  1. Huntington Beach State Park

This is one of the best places to go in Carolina to make your journey memorable. The beach had 17 miles of unspoiled beaches where you can go swimming and fishing and can-do boating at 3 miles long deep sandy beach. Plus, the travelers can take a long walk with almost 300 birds and unique alligators view at the State Park. And, don't miss to visit Moorish- style Castle of Atalayam, which was the winter resort of Anna Huntington, and Philanthropist Archer, who was her hubby.

  1. Chapel Hill

Although it is a small city but is well-known because of its high-status universities and Town college, once you visit here, don't miss to check out the oldest North Carolina University, it has a lot of impressive stuff to show, and has a Botanical Garden and Basketball Museum. Then head to Franklin Street to discover more museums, art collections, live musical concerts and to satisfy your appetite by dining at top-notch eateries and wineries.

  1. Wilmington, NC

This is considered the filming city, where many TV shows, dramas, and films have been shooted. Because of its Riverfront Location, the city gets the nickname of Wilmywood and Hollywood East. The city is also a Historic hub with many sightseeing Beaches. To explore the history of the city, head to the Bellamy Mansion Museum, where you can see old-world buildings and houses.

  1. Congaree National Park

The park is the land of much the oldest hardwood forest and is perfect for hiking. The park has almost 25 miles long adventurous tracks like Boardwalk Loop Track, Oakridge Track, and longest Weston Lake Loop Track having sightseeing view of colorful birds and many wild animals like turkeys, deer, and many other animals. For further adventures, head to Cedar Creek, where you can go hiking, kayaking, and fishing.

  1. Pisgah National Forest

The forest has almost 500,000 acres of land, providing many outdoor activities for the outdoorsy. The forest features many scenic waterfalls, 1700 miles long hiking Tracks, whitewater rivers, equestrian tracks, and lakes. Head to the Pisgah Ranger Town to see the waterfalls and Appalachian Ranfet District for horseback and horse riding at the Peaks of the forest. If you want more adventures, head to the Grandfather Ranger District for rock climbing and hiking and discover Linville Gorge Desert.

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