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Best Places to visit in Oregon

By Amanda Smith, Posted on 25 Nov, 2021 at 03:36 am

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Oregon- A Complete Travel Guide!

Oregon is the 33rd largest and most famous state of the United States of America. This is the most attractive landscape with ample attractive spots. From the small paradisal towns to the biggest cities, every bit of this state is undeniable. It is more famous because of Crater Lake, Columbia River, Cannon Beach, Washington Park, and many other historic sites, waterfalls, and adventurous forests. The state also has many outdoor and indoor activities to do, like camping, hiking, biking, snowboarding, and many more! Let's go to emphasize some attractive destinations of the state.

Best places to visit in Oregon

Oregon is a state which has several sightseeing attractions and captivates throngs of travelers every year. Its long scenic beaches, breathtaking mountains, historic spots, lush waterfalls, small towns, to big cities are enough to make your journey memorable. Our travel guide includes some of the best places to visit in Oregon, along with its uniqueness, accessibility, and things to do with visitors, and experts’ opinion.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is one of Oregon's most attractive sandy beaches. Cannon Beach has almost 4 miles long coastlines, perfect for sinking toes in the sand, featuring tide pools and beautiful sand mounds. Its 235-foot long Haystack Rock is incredibly stunning, which is the most famous attribute of Cannon Beach. Don't miss to hop in your car and discover Ostwald West State Park, which has ample hiking, kayaking, and surfing spots. Plus, to explore the art and culture of the beach and to watch the beautiful glass art, head to the town and visit Icefire Glassworks.

Places to stay near Cannon Beach



Are you foody? This is the perfect place for you. This small district of Oregon has an ample dining scene and has top-notch food carts, wineries, breweries, and unique cider houses. This is a jumping-off spot for many natural wonders and attractions like Deschutes Forest, which has many scenic rivers, lush Peaks, and byroads. Are you an outdoorsy type? Bend also presents many outdoor activities like in winter you can do snowboarding and skiing. And in summer, you can go hiking on long tracks and rock climbing and can explore the whole town.

Places to stay near Bend

Mount Hood

Mount Hood

Those who love nature and powder hounds, take notice. Mount Hood is a place of your choice and offers many outdoor fun and activities with remarkable landmarks. It has a second-largest scrambled peak with a height of 11,000 feet and is above sea level. In the winter, the mountains are covered with snow and are known as the best spot for skiing. It is also a land of six wonderful ski resorts. Mount Hood presents the most extended cross-country skiing period in North America with 24 hours open Timberline Lodge. The city also presents Oregon’s largest landmark for night skiing even after dark at Skibowl of Mount Hood. And don’t miss hiking in the Forest of the town.

Places to stay near Mount Hood

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Portland is another spot that is best for foodies and is considered the well-known foody city in the USA. The travelers love to devote the bulk of their time to top-notch culinary spots like cafeterias, breweries, eateries which offer unique beers, coffee-sourced market treats, and food fare carts. The city also offers many amusement lands like Forest Park, considered the largest country's park, and cultural sights like the Portland Museum of Art, the oldest museum and has remarkable art collections on display.

Places to stay near Portland, Oregon

Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley

This beautiful valley is very much valuable for Oregon as the Napa Valley for California. This valley is the land of many world-class vineyards and almost 500 winegrowers. One-third of the Oregon vineyards are present in Willamette Valley. To taste the unique wines, come visit the valley to wine and satisfactory dine for days. But if you don’t want to taste wine, head to the hot springs for relaxation.

Places to stay near Willamette Valley


Three Sisters

This town of charms has three breathtaking Mountains and so, called Sisters. This is a home of the wild west, features nearly 19s century architectural buildings and houses, many remarkable art collections, and organized many festivals for entertainment for the visitors. To show the culture of the town on them, like the Sister Quilt Outdoor show, which is the world's famous and largest quilt performance, Sisters Rodeo Show, and Sister's Folk Festival. Sister has many outdoor activities for travelers like they can opt as hiking, golfing, skiing, and paddleboarding. And, don’t miss relaxing at Hop In Spa, which is the first spa area with beer.

Places to stay near Sisters, Oregon

Hood River

Hood River

Hood River is located in the prime location of Columbia Gorge River and has plenty of outdoor activities. Along the river is an 80 miles long stunning valley with beautiful waterfalls like Multnomah waterfall and Starvation Cree Waterfall and is easily accessible through many wide hiking tracks. Hood River is the world's capital of windsurfing and has unique spots for water games like kiteboarding, paddle boarding, and sailing. Don't miss unwinding with unique beers at many microbreweries of the town.

Places to stay near Hood River

Newberry National Volcanic Monument

This spot is just 12 miles away from Deschutes Forest and has many most famous landmarks of the state. The NVM has almost 55,00 acres of land occupied by lava flows and many charming attractions like Rive Cave, and Lava Arena, where the training of the astronaut was done by walking on the moon in roughly 60 centuries. If you want to see the top view of the monument, head to Paulina Mountain, and here you can go boating and fishing.

Places to stay near Newberry National Volcanic Monument

Newport, Oregon

Newport Oregon

Newport is the best place for vacation with the family, offers many beachy towns, and is located on the central coast of Oregon state. A new port has ample affordable landmarks like Hatfield Marine University and Science Center, Aquarium Coast of Oregon, and many outclass outdoor activities. Many other outdoor landmarks include can't-miss Yaquina Head Natural Arena and photo-worthy Ocean to Bay Trail.

Places to stay near Newport, Oregon

Seaside, Oregon

Seaside Oregon

For a relaxing getaway, plan your trip to the seaside, which has ample shoreline attractions. Although it is a small town with low residents, nearly about 7,000 offers many Can't-miss sights like Tillamook Head, Clark and Lewis Historic National Park, and Ecola Park. For the adventure, there are 15 miles long tracks for hiking and for viewing terrestrial life. For a view of the coastline, head to the Seaside Aquarium, Beachfront Promenade, and Captian Amusement Park.

Places to stay near Seaside, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon


This is the third popular city in Oregon and is the hub of art and culture of the state. Thanks to its many sightseeing historic and architectural sites and many outdoor activities, making this spot more famous among the visitors. The city has Huky Center, which performs many art and culture performances. Plus, it has many easily accessible hiking, biking, and kayaking tracks and panoramic greenery like Alton Baker Country Park. To catch sight of the blooming rose flowers, visit Owen Rise Garden, especially in spring.

Places to stay near Eugene, Oregon



Are you a foodie type and outdoorsy? Head to Tillamook. Tillamook is considered the innovative and outdoor hub, where you can opt for hiking, clamming, fishing, crabbing, and kayaking. After an adventurous day, head to gratify your appetite at many towns' eateries and their most famous dairy items. The trip to Tillamook is incomplete without visiting its world-class dairy industries like Tillamook Creamery and without tasting the cheese and ice-creams of the Tillamook. And, don't miss to sample out the unique beers at Downtown Breweries.

Places to stay near Tillamook

Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park

This is the best place to visit in Oregon and is almost 7,7000 years old later the Mount Mazama and is now become the beautiful National Park. The park features beautiful blue water and lush Peaks and the best boating and trolley touring service to explore every bit of this park. In the winter season, you can see that the park is heavenly decorated with clouds and filled with adventures of snowstorms, and you can opt for skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and snowboarding.

Places to stay near Crater Lake National Park



This is a well-known valley for its blue cheese, pears, and fruit hampers are located in Rogue Valley. Don’t miss to sample out the award-winning delicious cheese of the valley and then head to the Harry David Valley to sample out chocolate and creamy truffles. There are many local breweries and vineyards like Medford Beer, Creek wine, and Ale Tracks.

Places to stay near Medford

Salem, Oregon

Salem Oregon

This is the capital city of Oregon. And is offering something new for visitors. The visitors can find many remarkable historical sites and cultural landmarks like the 19th-century Museum of Bush house, Ford Museum of Art and University, and the State Capitol. The city also offers many delicious food corners with beer. And thanks to its farm-to-table eateries and Cider Ale Trail which boasts the food menu of this city. Many kid-friendly landmarks like Riverfront Amusement Park and Gilbert Children's House and Museum have a wonderful play area, splash pad, and carousel.

Places to stay near Salem, Oregon

Silver Falls State Park

Silver Falls State Park

This is a land of wonderful waterfalls and is the largest state park in Oregon. It has a unique dropping waterfall with ten falling hiking tracks, which take you to the peak of the park so you can see the up-view of the park. The park features 10 wonderful waterfalls and 177-foot longest South Falls and offers almost 35 miles of tracks for mountain hiking, biking, and horse riding. And to satisfy your appetite, there are plenty of breweries and eateries, and you can enjoy a barbecue at the South Falls Day using the area.

Places to stay near Silver Falls State Park

Lincoln City

Lincoln City

This is one of the oldest cities of Oregon and was recognized in 1995 and has almost 7 miles of shorelines. The city is home to beaches having ample outdoor activities like kiteboarding, surfing, and kite flying, and beautiful Devils Lake for paddleboarding. And keep your eyes peeled with multicolored fishes at the beach. And, don't miss the hiking, shopping, and whale watching opportunity at Lincoln city, and don't miss tasting the kinds of seafood at downtown restaurants.

Places to stay near Lincoln City

Mount Bachelor

Mount Bachelor

This is one of the most romantic and charming skiable lands, with almost 4,300 acres of land for cross-country skiing. There are ample tracks for skiers and many outdoor activities for both beginners and experts. The city offers a free first ride of ski lifting. The mountains are covered with almost 462 inches of annual falling snow and are perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and many other snow games. The charm of the city does not end here; you can also opt for hiking and biking in the mountains.

Places to stay near Mount Bachelor



This is a small town with endless art and cultural heritage. The town has many cultural hounds and is well-known because of its surplus of festivals like the award-winning Tony Shakespeare Festival and Independent Film of Ashland Festival. The town offers many top-notch art collections and worthy museums and shopping outlets. The visitors can try many local outmoded spots which make the town elegant. And, don’t miss to check out the vineyards of the town.

Places to stay near Ashland

Florence, Oregon

Florence Oregon

Florence is the town that captivates thongs of visitors to spend vacations there. This is a spot with elegant shorelines with endless dunes, where you can do hiking, zipping, and sand-boarding. Other outdoor activities like you can see wild animals at different zoos, horse riding, fishing, and golfing. And, don’t miss to check out some of the most historic sites of the town, "Heceta Head Lighthouse" and "Old Town of Florence," which feature many shopping areas, art collections. And to explore the innovative history of the town, visit the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum.

Places to stay near Florence, Oregon

The Dalles

The Dalles

This is the best place for the outdoorsy, having plenty of outdoor funs like biking, multicolored birds-watching, fishing, and paddleboarding. Furthermore, it is a historic hub, and visitors can explore the history of Dalles and can see the connection of the town to Oregon and innovate Meriwether Lewis and Story of William Clark at different museums like the Museum of Fort Dalles and Columbia George Discovery Museum. And for foodies, there are plenty of eateries and to taste out the delicious cherries of the town in April.

Places to stay near The Dalles

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